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Gorenak, selected cider from the Basque Country

1.- Raw materia: apples

ISASTEGI sagardotegia is located at the foot of mountain Intxurre, in the village of Tolosa, a rich area in apples. It is the aim of the company using as much local apples as possible that fulfill the requirements for producing a cider of quality, worthy of the quality brand Gorenak.

The fields owned by the farm, allocatedin the pastto cattle pasture, nowadays are beautiful apples trees that offer a homologated apple for the production of our cider.

2.- Production

The production of the apple must that after fermentation will become cider starts at the beginning of October. This begins with the harvest and selection of the apples in the fields.

The next step on the process is the washing and grinding of the apples. Once the apple has been grinded, it is stored in a soaking deposit during the time required.

Once the soaking process is finished, we get the first apple must. That must is barreled; the apple pulp, on the other hand, it is introduced in a pneumatic press (tolare) to be pressed. The whole process lasts approximately four hours. When the process is finished, the liquid is barreled, the presses washed and they are ready to be filled up again.

The juice of the apples is stored in the kupelas for fermenting. The alcoholic fermentation turns the sugar of the apple must into alcohol and it takes 10 to 15 days. The fermented must is then kept inside the kupelas until the totx season, when it is be ready to be tasted by the customers.

3.- Bottling

It is March when the bottling starts although at present, thanks to the air conditioning of the kupelas that controls the temperature of the cider, bottling can be made anytime during the year.

The bottling process is automated and it consists on the following steps:

- Unpacking.
- Rinsing.
- Bottling.

- Corking and GORENAK branding.
- Labeling with lot marking and consumption information.
- Packing and palletizing.

After bottling, the cider is ready for its marketing in different format for answering the demand of our customers, consisting of individuals, catering establishments, shops and supermarkets.

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