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Gorenak, selected cider from the Basque Country

Isastegi sagardotegia is located in a farm once intended for livestock, mainly cattle, which produced cider for home consumption using own apple.

In 1983 the family started distributing cider to general public by enabling a small space in the farm with kupelas (barrels) in order to answer the demand

Over the years, the farm was upgraded and the production and marketing facilities were extended up to what nowadays can be found: a professional area for the production and storage processes located inside the farm close to a warm space destined for the tasting of our cider together with a typical and succulent menu during the Txotx season.

Production area

Area of kupelas (barrels) and deposits

Bottling area

Txotx season area

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ISASTEGI Cider House - Aldaba-Txiki auzoa, 20400 Tolosa (Gipuzkoa), Basque Country - Tel +34 943 652 964 - Fax +34 943 655 632