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The path of cider

If the Basque Country has any distinguishing drink, it’s cider. The apple orchards adapt well to the rugged terrain and the climate, and cider used to be made in many farmhouses. It is possible to trace the start of the path of Basque cider on its journey to the rest of the world back to the Middle Ages, to the whaling boats that sailed to Newfoundland. It was much cherished as the vitamins in the cider prevented the sailors from falling ill with scurvy.

A great number of barrels of cider from inland Gipuzkoa reached ports on the coast along with wood to be used in shipbuilding. As such, cider has been linked to industrial activity for several centuries. Cider production is an economic activity in itself and cider is sold in delicatessens all over the world.

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Our values

Our values are reflected in the sparkle of our cider: the community is essential for us to make cider and we drink cider as a community.


Our cider’s quality assurance

We believe that for a product that was solely for home consumption to become internationally sought after, it is essential to comply with work standards and provide quality assurance. That’s why we lay great importance on the quality seals awarded by the HAZI organisation in coordination with the Basque Government. Both are public bodies and, in that sense, related. We have been leaders in everything related to Basque cider:

  • Gorenak: this was a challenge that several producers asked us to take on. We created the indication of quality using the strictest international standards.
  • Designation of origin:: In collaboration with institutions from the Basque Autonomous Community, we are within the ecosystem encompassed by the well-known Eusko Label. One of the main reasons Basque produce is so well known in the food world internationally is for its quality and cider has joined that range of produce.
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Here and now

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